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red ceramic knife set

red ceramic knife set


The idea of environmental protection and green were fully show by ceramic knife.


Package includes:

1 * 4" Utility Knife


Overall Length: 213mm 

Blade length: 99mm (4") 

Blade thickness: 1.8mm 

Blade Width: 21mm 

Weight: 37 g

4"  knife cover weight: 10g


1 * 3" Paring Knife


Overall Length: 185mm 

Blade length: 70mm (3") 

Blade thickness:1.8mm 

Blade Width: 20mm 

Weight: 33 g

3"  knife cover weight: 6g



1* Peeler

Overall Length: 130mm 

Blade length: 52mm

Weight: 23g


2* Protection pp  on the blade



Blade material: Ceramic

Handle material: ABS + TPR

Color: Red handle + White blade

Peeler color :Red + White 

Peeler material: Ceramic + pp


Please note:

1. Due to different measurement methods, the size and weight of the product may have a slight error.

2. Please don't put in dishwasher.




Ceramic knife has unparalleled sharp blade and can cut out the meat as thin as paper.

The precision zirconia has super hardness which is second to the diamond's, and wear resistance which is as 60 times as a common kitchen knife, without polishing, as new as before.

Its advantage: the effective resistance to the food oxidation, keeping the original taste of food, and make it easy to enjoy the true flavor of food.

Its superior non-metal makes it never rust and send out metal ions. This can keep the original taste better.

Its weight is as half as the same kind metal knife. Light and convenient, even for long time used.

The best kitchen knife for cutting the fish, fruits, vegetables, meat and guaranteeing the family especially the baby's health and the food's cleanness and health.